The Activities list sets out how the cost of spending by members on shared activities is met, regardless of which members make the payments. Activities appear in the list in the order they are added to it. Tap on the New Activity button to add an activity, or tap on an existing name to amend that activity's details.

The actual payment transactions are recorded in the Spending list. How you share the spending is fully editable at any time, so you can quickly record a transaction and leave its correct allocation until later.

Figure 1

When all of the book's members participate in an activity, a single activity is sufficient (such as the first entry in Figure 1) but not necessary (Figure 3).

A separate activity is necessary whenever there are different participants, in order to fairly share the costs of the activity. For example, in Figure 1 three of the Ramblers party did not join the Monaco Excursion, so the €24.00 cost is shared between the 17 who did.

Figure 2

When you tap the New Activity button, KittyBanker presets all the usual contributors, as shown in the Members list, as the persons who will share the total cost of this activity in equal shares.

Tap to reduce the indicated member's contributors, or tap to increase  them.

Figure 3

Separate activities may have the same contributors.

Figure 4

A long tap on a name in the activity list lets you to delete that activity. This is the easiest way to remove old spending records from a long-running book, when they are no longer of interest.